Islanders vs Philadelphia: prediction for the NHL fixture

Islanders vs Philadelphia. Prediction and Betting Tips for NHL (January 18, 2022).

Islanders vs Philadelphia: prediction for the NHL fixture

The Islanders welcome the Flyers to New York in the National Hockey League action on January 18. What to expect from this game? Our answer is in the prediction below.

New York Islanders

The Islanders have a very small chance of making the playoffs this year. Even if New York win all seven of their suspended games, they probably won't get into the top-8 in their Conference. However, in 2022 the Islanders have looked solid: they defeated Edmonton (3:2 ОТ) and New Jersey (3:2), but lost to Washington (0:2).

Barry Trotz's men have been very disciplined on the defensive of late, successfully neutralizing their opponents' attacks. But the Islanders do not score a lot themselves, which often leads to defeats.

Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia have endured one of the worst seasons in recent years. The Flyers are in 6th place in their division with a 33 points to their name. They haven't won a single game since the new year and at the moment have a seven-game losing streak. 

In the last three matches, however, the Flyers put up a fight and lost with a difference of one goal: they yielded to San Jose (2:3 ОТ) and Boston (2:3), and also suffered a defeat to the Rangers (2:3). Only in one game out of seven, Mike Yeo's charges managed to score more than two goals. 

Betting trends

Philadelphia IT under 2.5 goals

In the last 7 head-to-head games, Philadelphia scored fewer than 3 goals.

2nd period: total under 2 goals

In 3 of the Islanders' last 5 games, the teams scored fewer than 2 goals in the second period.


We think that the Islanders have looked better in recent games. The Flyers struggle to score, and their hosts haven't yet conceded more than two goals in 2022. The Islanders also won most of the recent head-to-head games.

Our prediction - Islanders to win

Prediction: Islanders to win

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As we mentioned above, the Flyers scored no more than two goals in 6 out of 7 previous matches. The Islanders haven't conceded more than twice in the last seven games. We suggest playing the individual total of the visitors.

Second wager - Philadelphia IT under 2.5 goals

Prediction: Philadelphia IT under 2.5 goals

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